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I'm always driven and never want to quit....hahah jk

I’ve been listening to a lot of interviews lately, mostly with singers or actors, and many of them say, “All I’ve ever wanted to be was a singer.” Or, “When I moved to LA and I kept being rejected I never wavered because I knew that’s what I was meant to be.”

Listening to that makes me feel like, “Dang, I don’t always feel that way. I must be weak or even not motivated if I have wavered from my dreams.”

Is that true? Or even realistic to think you will never waver from your beliefs? But more than that, does it make me less driven?

I think it’s like when you watch a TV show like Friends or Sex and the City, and you think of which character you most resemble. You feel like it should be Rachel or Carrie, for example, because they are the most balanced characters – but really it’s totally fine to relate to one of the more flawed characters, and know you have things in you that you’re going to have to fight with sometimes.

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