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In my life I am all-consumed with horses: reading about them, watching videos, what exercises we are going to work on etc... but more and more I find myself growing and learning through my experiences with them. And so here it will be, my everyday meanderings about life through horses and sport.


Match your goals to your plans

It’s no secret that last week at the show had some tough courses at Spruce Meadows. It was my decision not to go on Sunday with my horse, and it was made for a couple reasons. First, this was my second 1.40m of the year and it’s a new height for me. I didn’t honestly expect there to be so many questions on course this early in the year, or for it to look so big to me. Second, and maybe even the bigger reason, was that my intention is to go to California next week and I want to be ready for that. Everything we have done this winter was intended to build up for that. My class on Friday last week, although not a great score, really wasn’t bad and I felt good leaving it on that. For me it’s impo

Building your success

After my last ramble about having supportive people around you I thought I’d follow up with the importance of building a team for success. Everyone needs different things to do their best in the competition arena, so it’s important you hire out for the right things in your support group. I, for one, need a few specific things. I need someone that is focused on me, so I can look at them when things don’t feel right, or ask for a sip of water and generally not have to stress out because there is always someone keeping an eye for when I ask for something. This may seem a bit needy… I’ve spent quite a lot of time trying not to be needy and do things alone, but this has never equalled success for

If you want change, be a part of the change

When you want something to be better than it is right now, you must take action! Things are never as good as they could be, and I hear people pointing out the problems with this thing or that place all the time. I can’t help but think, “So change it”, “Make one of your own”, or “Do something positive!” My friends often say to me that they never doubt where I stand on a subject. They always know my opinion, and, although I’m sure it isn’t always a compliment, the truth is that if I do or don’t like something, I find a way to say it. It’s not always easy, but more often than not it brings an opportunity to make an experience better, clear the air or strengthens a relationship. To make this mor

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