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Why is simple better than complicated.

One thing I heard over and over at John Madden Sales this winter is that the secret is: “There is no secret!” I really thought of this phrase many times in many different circumstances while riding with them this winter. I believe what John intended was that in training, things are kept simple and basic and that there are no tricks that make the magic happen – just good old-fashioned consistency and hard work.

Often times we want to feel like there is just one magic ingredient that is missing, and if we can find that one magic thing, everything will come together. Maybe it’s one special exercise, a particular supplement, or even wearing a lucky pair of socks that will push us over the top. But in reality it isn’t going to be any one exercise, routine, or superstition that is going to make or break our success, but rather consistent routine, program, and the ability to make things repeatable and predictable that will lead to long-term success.

This is not to say that complacency is the ticket either. Simple shouldn’t be confused with ignoring the details. Rather, simple should mean treating the problem’s causes instead of treating the results or symptoms of problems with overly complicated non-holistic solutions. This always circles back to the basics of riding and horse care – horsemanship.

Not only in training should the focus go back to basics, but also in daily horse care. Creating routines that you can stay consistent with such as feed, veterinary care, horse handling, and exercise will make a difference to the root problems and in the end will bring you more consistent, repeatable, and understandable results.

This secret of no secret can really ring true in so many life circumstances but when it comes to the #maddenmethod it goes across the board. Every detail is thought of and yet simplicity is key. Do the hard work every day and success will follow.

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