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In my life I am all-consumed with horses: reading about them, watching videos, what exercises we are going to work on etc... but more and more I find myself growing and learning through my experiences with them. And so here it will be, my everyday meanderings about life through horses and sport.


The first time it was fun to go fast

This past winter I got the rare and amazing opportunity to ride with John Madden Sales. I learned a lot, and although it was through simple exercises that couldn’t be seen as rocket science, my horse jumped better than ever and I was riding as well as I ever had. On my last day of showing during the protracted Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL, we did a speed class – and for the first time ever it was fun to go fast! I think this was true for a few reasons. I don’t think you will ever feel comfortable going fast until you are sure of your brakes (true in a car or on a horse!). But it is more than just the brakes. You really have to have all the gears, not just turtle-speed and rab

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