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In my life I am all-consumed with horses: reading about them, watching videos, what exercises we are going to work on etc... but more and more I find myself growing and learning through my experiences with them. And so here it will be, my everyday meanderings about life through horses and sport.


Thinking back on my child hood

It’s interesting thinking back on your childhood and how it’s affected you as an adult. I was just talking to my childhood friend, Michelle, the other day about when we were young. To give a little background, we grew up riding together, we also worked in the barn – we were basically barn rats – and had, as some would call it, a competitive friendship. So we were discussing how we would always be trying to do more than the other. For example, if there were 20 stalls to clean, we were each trying to either do more than the other or at least half the work faster than the other. And that still plagues me to this day: I’m always trying to get some crazy amount of work done by some made up deadli

You only have to believe for two minutes

Everyone has nerves and everyone wants to do well. These feelings aren’t unique. Something I have long told myself when I’m headed down the chute to the show ring and I’m experiencing these feelings is, “You only have to believe for two minutes.” This often helps me get on a good enough canter. When I’m nervous I want to under-do things, like putting my leg on and riding forward, so I tell myself it’s only two minutes from when you go in to when you leave. Believe you can for those two minutes. And once you get going you can really only think of the moment instead of the bigger task, and before you know it the two minutes are up and you’ve made it. Legendary record executive Jimmy Iovine say

Pick the path that takes you to your dreams

In life we decide I find myself at the back gate at Spruce Meadows indoors in the fall, and I see a girl crying. Her coach is consoling her some, and I overhear that the girl has had a bad round. I hear the poor girl going on about all the reasons why she is a terrible rider and starting to go down the road of negativity we have all ventured down a time or two, and it occurs to me that I’m going to say something I’ve learned to this young person! So I wander over – I know the trainer a little so I budged in, as I tend to do – and spout my advice that I’m going to relay to you now. When you have a bad day, bad round or difficult time, you choose. You choose not to go down the road in front of

I'm really only average

I don’t want to seem like a downer, but follow me here: I like to think I’m doing alright but really I’m pretty average. If you consider a few adjectives you might use to define someone, such as ‘athletic’, ‘artistic’, ‘smart’, ‘funny’, I would not say that I am amazing in any category. On some days I am better in each area than others but I am not a musical prodigy, I’m not heading up on stage to put on my comedy act, nor is Mensa banging down my door. What I am really good at is being on time, being organized and being reliable. These aren’t the Ivy League or the big 5, as some call it, of qualities but they are my qualities. Definitely not highly regarded by my teachers in school but they

Lessons I learned in 2017

A few obscure thoughts & lessons i've pondered over the last year... If you want it done your way, you gotta do it yourself Make a budget – you might be surprised what you find out People will let you down… and it’s ok Ask for change, but also be ready for things are gonna change I am the driver in my own life CHASE your dreams Sometimes less is more Never stop asking for what will make you happier, or you might become miserable Sometimes you up and sometimes your down…it won’t stay the same forever Be grateful With love say your truth, you will love your self more for doing it It is stupid to ask Arthur if he wants more treaties....Arthur always wants more treaties And some of my favourite

Why GOD Why?!?!

So with the best of intentions I decided to thoroughly clean my house while taking down Christmas decorations. I had a rough morning, and I’m not going to get into that part, but it does make me wonder why, when I have these great intentions, does something like the following happen… Let me preface this by saying I kept my cool the entire time, which is so unlike me. So I’m moving a giant vase filled with ribbons my husband won, and it falls apart in my hands – shatters everywhere. I go to get the dust pan to start cleaning it up, and when I pull that out of the cupboard a can of fire starter for this outdoor implement I’ve never used falls, exploding all over my laundry room. This red gunk

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