Lessons I learned in 2017

A few obscure thoughts & lessons i've pondered over the last year...

  • If you want it done your way, you gotta do it yourself

  • Make a budget – you might be surprised what you find out

  • People will let you down… and it’s ok

  • Ask for change, but also be ready for things are gonna change

  • I am the driver in my own life

  • CHASE your dreams

  • Sometimes less is more

  • Never stop asking for what will make you happier, or you might become miserable

  • Sometimes you up and sometimes your down…it won’t stay the same forever

  • Be grateful

  • With love say your truth, you will love your self more for doing it

  • It is stupid to ask Arthur if he wants more treaties....Arthur always wants more treaties

And some of my favourite quotes to go along:

'If you want to play with the boys you gotta work with the men' I heard this from Lone Star Tack Donna...but I think she heard it somewhere else

'If you wanna fly you gotta give up the shit that weighs you down' - unknown