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In my life I am all-consumed with horses: reading about them, watching videos, what exercises we are going to work on etc... but more and more I find myself growing and learning through my experiences with them. And so here it will be, my everyday meanderings about life through horses and sport.


Why do we show??

We have all heard the old saying, “You lose more than you win”. American rider Kent Farrington has recently been #1 in the world and even he estimates he only wins about 10% of the time. So we must choose, as in wedding vows, to be here in the good times and the bad – we choose to persevere. I asked some of the top riders around, “Why do you compete?” The best answer I got was from Californian Mandy Porter: “Nobody does this for fun. We are addicts, junkies to the high of the success.” And then she followed it up with a wink and a little giggle. I read in ‘The Little Book of Talent’ by Daniel Coyle (not the show jumper) that you need to cultivate your grit. “Grit is that mix of passion, pers

To push myself or not....???

I always balked at the idea of pushing myself too hard (or having someone push me harder) because I always associated it with the feelings of not being strong enough, and fear of failure. I have come to a new realization, however, that to be the person that pushes themselves you must already know that where you want to go to is possible and believe that you are not only able to, but are actively on your way there. It is common to associate a strong athlete with someone that pushes themselves really hard. You can even hear the athlete say things like, “I want a coach that tells me all the things I need to do better and is hard on my weaknesses.” Although I’m sure this works for some people, i

Out of place

I was listening to a song from the 90’s the other day – ‘Everybody is free to wear sunscreen’ – and I noticed the line, “Enjoy your body, use it every way you can; don’t be afraid of it or what other people think: it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.” So true, and yet so hard. The other day I was out driving with my friend and she said to me, “Oh you always look so well put together” – to which I nearly choked in disbelief. But after further thought on the subject I realized that actually I do put a lot of effort into how I appear and fit in. We are supposed to stand up and stand out, but how do we do that without also possibly looking the fool? I would be terribly embarrassed to sh

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