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Why GOD Why?!?!

So with the best of intentions I decided to thoroughly clean my house while taking down Christmas decorations.

I had a rough morning, and I’m not going to get into that part, but it does make me wonder why, when I have these great intentions, does something like the following happen…

Let me preface this by saying I kept my cool the entire time, which is so unlike me.

So I’m moving a giant vase filled with ribbons my husband won, and it falls apart in my hands – shatters everywhere. I go to get the dust pan to start cleaning it up, and when I pull that out of the cupboard a can of fire starter for this outdoor implement I’ve never used falls, exploding all over my laundry room. This red gunk got into unimaginable places.

Now I’m in triage mode – which do I deal with first? I leave the red stuff and head back to the glass, only to notice I’m bleeding profusely out of the tiniest paper cut on my thumb. The cut is now the leader in the clubhouse, so I wrap that up with the only band aid I can find (which is huge with a moustache on it), go back to the glass and bend down, only to find out there is red goo all over my pants and apparently also my forearm. It’s basically a mess everywhere at this point.

So I ask this, “Why? Why does this happen when I have good intentions to do a good thing and to be a good housekeeper?”

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