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Ted Talks...

So today…

I was directed by a friend to watch a TED talk about striving for perfection. I watched it, and then the next suggested talk that came up in the queue was Elizabeth Gilbert: ‘Success, failure and the drive to keep going’. This one caught my attention.

Now you and I are new friends through this vocation called blogging, but something to know about me is that I have historically questioned whether I am worthy enough to ride not only the quality of horses I have gotten to, but when I have a bad trip or don’t accomplish my goals like I thought I would, my go-to move is to question the whole thing… like should I even be trying to do this because it’s so hard.

So back to the TED talk, ( watch it to understand further. But basically riding is my home. Riding is the thing I love more than I love myself (you’ll understand that statement if you watch the TED Talk.)

When you have great success or great failure put your head down and go home; go back to what you love more than yourself and work at that and everything will be ok.

#ah-hamoment #eatpraylove #thisishowthisgoes #goinghome

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