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Good Friends Aplenty

Out for dinner I was asked ‘How to do you define a good friend?’

How do you know which of your friends are good friends?

How many good friends do you have? How many do you want?

Tough one…

My husband says some people are plates and some people are bowls. He is referring to how deep they are! Haha get it? Deep? Lol.

Anyway he is always telling me not to expect from some friends what others easily offer, and by that he means some people are there for a good time and some people are there to lean on.

So I was starting my definition by looking at the relationships that I have in my life and figuring out what I value from all of them. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

- Someone that is supportive and I can talk to about my ups and downs at any time;

- Someone that I can say how I feel and they don’t automatically jump down my throat but they really listen to what I’m feeling, and try to see my side before they respond. Even if that eventually means, “Holly get your head out of your behind!”

- Someone that doesn’t think of me in terms of what they can get from me or use me for;

- Someone I can trust – to me that means I believer that in the end we are still friends even when I make a mistake (this topic I can go on about…coming soon to a blog near you!)

Then I asked a friend what she thought, and she said, “I guess a friend who makes me feel comfortable being me. I don't feel judged or self-conscious. Someone who I really trust and makes me laugh.”

How many do I want? Probably not that many who can sustain that many deep conversations in a day! But also, how good of a friend can I be to too many people?

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