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What is the most important quality in a horse?

We will all answer a bit differently based on our past experiences.

A while back when I was searching for a new horse I found myself asking that question. I was coming up with words like ‘brave’, ‘honest’ – things like that, that would make me feel safe.

What surprised me was when I asked Alex (my husband) what he thought was most important to me from his view. He said, “A horse that tries hard for you means everything. If you come out of the ring with 12 faults but feel like they tried, you’re always happy.” An interesting perspective I thought.

I know for my husband it’s a horse that believes in him and trusts him to lead them. If he feels like the horse believes in him and will try anything he asks of it, he’s never unhappy. If he asks and they strap on their boots and go with him, that’s a big deal. This is in anything, from flying changes to Grand Prix courses.

So then I got to thinking, “What’s the most important quality in a human to me?” And after a lot of thinking, I think it’s the same: someone that tries hard for me. Not as easily quantifiable as with a horse, but if there is a situation where someone tries to help me in some way, no matter the result, I’m grateful.

So what’s the most important quality in a horse to you? Or a friend? Are they the same?

Just a thought J

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