Being married to a trainer...

There are inherent pros and cons to being married to anybody with whom you share a passion. In my case it’s almost always a blessing, but there are some times where you come across issues you wouldn’t encounter in a ‘normal’ relationship.

They understand when you spend all your time/energy and finances on your horse.

But they too spend all their time at the stable, and that can mean missed dates and other ‘couple things’, because your partner has an all-consuming passion also.

They understand the horses come first.

But to them the horses also come first. Before you even. It turns out this is a two-way street.

You can bounce your ideas off them because they have so much knowledge.

But sometimes you don’t want to hear from your partner their ideas, instead of purely support.

You’ll get to ride a lot of different horses!

But your betrothed will always get chosen over you to ride a horse in the barn. Even if you looooooove it.