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Can't lose if you don't quit!

It’s the beginning of show season and it’s about that time of year when I make myself a deal. No matter what, I’m going to keep showing and keep going until the end of this season.

You see, my thing is that when I get down on myself I like to think I should just quit riding. So I make myself this deal that I can’t quit until the end of the season. This way the option of going down that dark and gloomy path is simply off the table for now.

I was reminded that I forgot to make myself this deal when I went to my first show of the season already a couple weeks ago!

I thought I had everything all squared away: I had a new bit, my horse was jumping great. Alas, no. I was basically run away with and did 5 strides in a 7 stride line! Not a super way to start my season, right? Well my ever-supportive husband says to me, “What would you like to do?” I retort, “Have brakes!?” So back to the old bit we went, and ended up jumping a clear round for 3rd place the next night! Yay! But also the first night I made my deal with my self. Deal done, signed and delivered: another year committed that we are doing this thing.

No getting down and out, and no telling yourself you can’t do this I’m in for at least another season.

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