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“You don’t learn from experience… You learn from reflecting on experience.”

Do you ever re-watch your videos from last year before the new year starts?

I did that this winter, and I think I came up with something fantastic.

I watched all my videos… Ok, I didn’t keep the really awful ones, they are in the trash where they belong. But I watched all the rest: every horse, every show, and every round. And I took notes of what I noticed over the course of a whole year that needed addressing.

  • Keep reins short – consistent contact

  • Recover early – stay tall, don’t get tugged out of the tack. Being too forward makes the arrival at the next fence weak.

  • Keep canter in check/in front of the leg. (Going fast doesn’t equal in front of leg) – Canter gets too big, that’s when you chip!

  • Put your leg on before you start your course – Not to be bigger but you can’t do anything with out using your legs.

From this short list of things needing addressing, I made some plans to actually address them.

  • Try practicing with knots in the reins

  • Try shortening stirrups to make stronger core

  • Do this work everyday

  • Also do this work everyday

If I didn’t look back at all the videos, I’m not sure I would have made the same list of things just based on memory alone. Turns out the video evidence is incontrovertible.

Check out this super article: It got me thinking about this and note the quote at the top:

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