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In it to win it

I got thinking more about the energy we need to win, and I think it goes much further than just how we prepare for the class.

On the weekend I was showing myself, and I was thinking about people that win a lot. Kent Farrington came to mind (and then a article with many quotes from him and Steve Guerdat came up and I thought how serendipitous!) Anyway, when I think of Kent I think he trains all the time with winning in mind.

If I am not basing everything I do energetically around winning then why should I expect to win?

No, this obviously doesn’t have to be an ‘all or nothing’ situation, but if we aren’t practicing with winning in mind, then we aren’t visualizing wins and believing we can and deserve to win. Then why would we win?

There is a certain level of manifesting involved – i.e. putting your intentions out there. But there is also this component of believing we can and will win.

Some might also say it’s shallow or greedy to think so much about winning… and although that may resonate for them, there will be enough of us that are in this for the competition and there is nothing wrong with that.

There is a time for development, and there is a time for learning, but shouldn’t there also be a time for winning?!

Farrington says in an interview with “We lose more than we win, understanding and building a mental tolerance for when things don’t go well and trying to keep fighting to having it go well, and to know the majority of the time it’s not going to go the way you want” – this isn’t easy. But he tries to ‘control the things he can control.’

In that same interview Steve Guerdat says, “You can’t think that what you do over the last hour or two hours or even one day or one week before the show is going to bring your result.”

Steve is talking here more about schooling the horses but I think it applies to your manifestation and self-belief that winning is possible. You can’t just look at the course and think, “That’s a good course for me I can win today.”

This is something on my 2018 goal list to work on the self belief that I do work hard and train with winning in mind and there for every course I walk I will be trying to find my competitive edge in it and hope that this intention change will bring about some ribbons!

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