I'm no quitter

So I recently read this article about Tiffany Foster: http://www.cbc.ca/playersvoice/entry/my-back-was-broken-my-determination-never

I was struck even by the title – ‘My back was broken, my determination, Never’. Immediately I thought, Wow! that’s dedication, that’s pretty amazing, that’s maybe even a little bit crazy.

Is it possible that she never even had the thought “Oh, this isn’t meant for me” or “Maybe I should do something else?” Especially after such an incident?

And then I read another article about her first Olympic experience https://www.cbc.ca/sports/canadian-rider-tiffany-foster-learning-from-olympic-heartbreak-1.1305988

That would have been so disappointing to be sure, and I remember seeing some of the interviews at the time and she was understandably so very upset. And you might remember she didn’t have a stellar ‘Masters’ tournament that year either… and yet after all that, she didn’t quit either.

As you may know, I can be a bit of a “giver-upper” in my mind, at least. I have written a lot about talking myself out of giving up on numerous occasions, about all kinds of things. My mom says in those situations it’s as though I take bad things happening in my life as signs to quit what I’m