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In need of some inspiration...

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with anxiety about making all the right decisions? Decisions for your horse or for your riding career or maybe something else? Me too!

My friend gave me this really great nugget of wisdom this summer… ready?You don’t have to make all the decisions or even the right ones, you just have to make the next one. #ThanksB.Mort

Real life example:At the end of this show season I was feeling a little uninspired, and instead of going down the old road of despair I decided to make small decisions:

1. I was going to give my horses a short rest and allow myself the same.

2. What I really enjoy is learning more than showing, so I’m going to focus some energy there.

3. An opportunity came up to ride in our provincial symposium, and so I took it as a chance to further my learning.

4. I’m going to keep doing that until I feel excited about showing again.

This allows me the space to come back to showing when I feel ready and excited, and with that space I already feel lighter.

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