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The secret to happiness...

I was listening to Dax Shephard interview his wife Kristen Bell on his podcast, The Armchair Expert, and they let me in on a little secret to happiness!


Make a list of things that make you feel good.

Easy, right?

So when you are down/depressed/tempted to make bad choices and so on, refer back to your list.

Ok here is mine:

  • Work out. Not my first choice but I always feel good after. At least go for a good walk.

  • Do something nice for someone. Feeling useful always makes me feel good.

  • Stretch. Something about stretching clears the head.

  • Organize/clean out/purge some area of my house.

  • Sit with my horse for 5 entire minutes with out thinking of anything but gratitude on my mind.

What’s yours?

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