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Who do I want to be? I want to be an Arthur.

This is a question I constantly ask myself. When I’m faced with a difficult situation or tough interaction I like to ask myself, “Who do you want to be in this situation?”

I recently said this to Alex while discussing how to deal with a certain situation in which I wanted to get all righteous and know-it-all-like.

We were discussing the various possibilities of how to deal with something together and I found myself thinking and saying, “I want to be an Arthur”… which was met with total silence on the other end of the line, and then a long “Uhhhhhhh whaaat?”

You see, I’ve noticed recently that I have never seen Arthur pin his ears back or give a sideways look to anything…ever. Not when another horse pushes him off his feed, when I kick or pull him too hard, use the curry too strongly, or poke him accidently. Nothing. No anger ever. How does he do this? I’m not saying he is dancing with excitement at every turn, but he seems to take everything at face value – no grudges for this guy. He tries hard every day and gives everyone a fair shot.

I want to be an Arthur.

When you feel like someone is taking advantage of you, being rude, or is grumpy, it is 100% your choice how you react, and how you take it in and let it affect you. Arthur seems to have it down pat. Stay positive. Keep your ears up and things will work out or get better, and you will make more friends.

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